Our Journey...

Penleigh Farm & Butchers – yes, we are not just a butcher, we farm as well! We opened our first independent Butchers Shop in 2016 in Frome, Somerset. This was the culmination of 8 years hard work. Ultimately, following the challenges of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, we decided it was necessary to reduce our cost base and close the shop in order to continue to deliver the best value, as well as quality, offer to our customers.

The ethos of Penleigh farm is simple:  we want to champion and carefully select our own local produce.  We farm pigs and graze sheep at Penleigh, near Dilton Marsh. Moving to an on-line offer is another exciting step in our journey! Initially we will deliver directly to our customers each Thursday on all orders placed before midnight on Monday. This allows us to source, prepare and package all orders, and guarantee the best quality products, delivered fresh to your door. We look forward to developing our services further, such as chilled box postal deliveries and offering collection point in Frome, in the coming weeks and months.

We source local beef, chicken, and game from within a twenty-five miles radius of the shop. We champion Traditional British Breeds and rare breeds as we believe that these slower-growing animals produce a more rounded fuller flavour.  We sell Pork from the Oxford Sandy and Black, Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot, and Lop breeds.  Lamb from Wiltshire Horns and Dorset breeds.  As well as Angus and Hereford Cattle.  We purchase our stock from a small number of Farmers that share our ethos of slow-grown meat.  This allows us to maintain consistent high-quality produce.

As you would expect, animal welfare is incredibly important to us, we sell free-range chicken and pork, which have been fed high-quality natural diets.  Our lamb and beef have been grazed on lush local pastures from spring to autumn and fed silage and hay when housed for overwintering. The quality of the diet is reflected in the quality of the meat. We enjoy selling beef with excellent marbling fat, that will melt in your mouth.  Lamb and Pork are hung for a week to allow flavour to develop.  Beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days before cutting, we like to hold back prime steak cuts and roasting joints to age further. It’s not unusual to find some delicious steaks that have been aged past 40 days!

Trading with local produce means that our food miles are extremely low. This, coupled with the fact that our farm and farms where we source our produce are small traditional mixed farms, means that they have a low impact on the